The Croc

I'm in Canada and it's finally sunny and warm enough to be out on a motorbike (over 12°C) - which is especially nice today being Earth Day. And so I took my green monster, a.k.a. The Croc, for a ride. And I saved a spider.

Now I realize that I missed my machine because it puts a crazy-big smile on my face being back in the saddle. Or maybe it's also the prospects of some nice things to come later this summer: getting a full M license, a road trip to Chicago (750km one-way), and working on engine maintenance a bit (last time I did valve adjustment). Either way, let the summer begin...

Hi :) Welcome back :) Where In Canada are you now?
Magda on 2013-04-26 17:02:21

Back in the 'Loo...
Paweł on 2013-04-27 10:33:02